BOO Magazine

Archives available at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery. Vancouver: BOO Magazine fonds. Information:;rad. Years of operation: 1994-1998. BOO Magazine was started in 1994 out of frustration over the lack of a vehicle for critical and cultural discourse in Vancouver. After the collapse of the publication Vanguard in 1989 there were limited venues where writing about art and experimental writing in general could find a voice. A core group, which included Deanna Ferguson, Philip McCrum, Reid Shier, Dan Farrell, Michael Barnholden, and Mina Totino, decided to launch BOO as a cheaply produced tabloid that would provide an arena for predominantly local cultural writing, reviews and criticism. Over time, some founding members left (Dan Farrell, Michael Barnholden, and Mina Totino) and others joined (Melinda Mollineaux). Each individual was responsible for bringing ideas for articles to meetings, where they were discussed and consensus was reached on whether they would be included in the next issue. At first BOO was funded through the sponsorship of various artist run centres, who distributed them for free in exchange for a small notice in the back. When this proved unfeasible, the editors began soliciting advertisements. The magazine folded in 1998, with a print run of 11 issues. (Source: Memory BC). Some copies of Boo Magazine issues can be also found at the Crista Dahl Library and Archives.