Boo Magazine (#5)

Publisher BOO Magazine
ArtistsCulley, Peter; Shier, Reid; Arsenault, Wayne; Wolsak, Melissa; Laskarin, Daniel; Ferguson, Deanna; Ostrom, Karen; Campbell, Kati; Radul, Judy; MacLeod, Myfanny; Hudson, Peter; O'brien, Erin; Higgins, Keith; Topham, Geoffrey; Cummings, Peter; Turner, Michael; Klobucar, Andrew; Foyle, Naomi; Anderson, Andrea; Deby, Jeff.
AuthorMollineaux, Melinda; Farrell, Dan; Ferguson, Deanna; McCrum, Phillip; Shier, Reid.
SummaryFifth issue of Boo Magazine featuring exhibition reviews, art ads, poems, drawings, artworks and essays by multiple writers and artists. SUMMER 1995. Art Magazines; Black Historiography; Cultural Policy; Arts funding in BC; Poetry; Cultural Modernism; Modern Landscapes; Echopraxis; Family Identities; Nostalgia; Unpleasantness; Landscapes Painting; Art Commodification.
MediaArchitecture, Creative Writing, Drawing, Installation, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture, Text-based art
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
Notes@ Morris and Belkin: 3 copies in Box 2, Folder 20.0.20 / 2-7