Boo Magazine (#6)

Publisher BOO Magazine
ArtistsPerelman, Bob; Trujillo Lusk, Dorothy; Davies, Kevin; Cabri, Louis; Arsenault, Wayne; Verjee, Zainub; Culley, Peter; Burnham, Clint; Farrell, Dan; Mollineaux, Melinda.
AuthorMollineaux, Melinda; Farrell, Dan; Ferguson, Deanna; McCrum, Phillip; Shier, Reid.
SummarySixth issue of Boo Magazine featuring poetry, essays, art ads, exhibition reviews, and artworks by multiple writers and artists. FALL 1995. Art Magazines; Language Politics; Contemporary Writing Discourses; Narrativity; Sonnets; Literary History; Language Writing; Multiculturalism; Nomadic Architecture; Identity; Displacement; Memory; "Apollo 13"; "Casino"; American History Documentaries; Canadian Literature; Essentialism; Literary Journalism.
MediaVideo, Architecture, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Film, Installation, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Social Practice, Text-based art
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
Notes@ Morris and Belkin: 10 copies in Box 2, Folder 20.0.21 / 2-8