Boo Magazine (#11)

Publisher BOO Magazine
ArtistsBlackley, Stuart; Burnham, Clint; Craig, Kate; Crain, Damon; Creede, Gerald; Dumett, Mari; Farmer, Geoffrey; Ferguson, Deanna; Raworth, Tom; Turner, Michael; Bull, Hank; Corlett, Christine; Jungen, Brian; Klobucar, Andrew; Klobucar, Mark; Laibach; Manery, Rob; Sava, Sharla; Lo, Sophia; MagTaggart, Alison; Vogel, Daniel; Gericault, Theodore.
AuthorFerguson, Deanna; McCrum, Phillip; Shier, Reid; Burnham, Clint
SummaryEleventh and final issue of Boo Magazine featuring interviews, artworks, essays, exhibition reviews, art ads and poems by multiple writers and artists. Art Magazines; Propaganda; Politics of Exhibition; Travelogue; Political Deconstruction; New Collectivism; Enviromental Degradation; Forestry; Contemplation; Ritual; Intuition; Artropolis; Artists as curators; Theoretical Innovation; Displacement; Power Struggles; Travel through Technology; Homosexuality.
MediaVideo, Architecture, Creative Writing, Drawing, Installation, Music, Painting, Social Practice, Sound art, Text-based art
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
Notes@ Morris and Belkin: 2 copies in Box 3, Folder 20.0.26 / 3-5