Publications from 2012

Institutions by Artists Volume 1 (2012)


livedspace journal issue 1 (2012)

Publisher Livedspace

islands: Emilio Portal (2012)

Publisher Open Space

Shut Up and Listen: Trimpin: (CanonX+4:33=100) (2012)

Publisher Open Space

Stained: Shelley Miller (2012)

Publisher Open Space

Pulse Interval (2012)

Publisher Open Space

RICHARD RAXLEN: introspective?!*√º"ç¥å?! (2012)

Publisher Open Space

Drifter's Clip (2012)

Publisher Open Space

Here There Nowhere, Flaccid Means Without End (2012)

Publisher grunt gallery

Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture (2012)

Publisher grunt gallery

Anamnesia: Unforgetting (2012)

Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing and Other Drawing (2012)

Publisher Or Gallery

Out of Psychoanalysis: Ficto-Criticism (2012)

Publisher Artspeak

Arte Factum (2012)

Summer School: Lesson Book (2012) Program (2012)