RICHARD RAXLEN: introspective?!*√º"ç¥å?!

RICHARD RAXLEN: introspective?!*ü\
Publisher Open Space
ArtistsRichard Raxlen
AuthorMarilyn Brakhage; Peter Sandmark; Chelsea Rushton; Helen Marzolf
SummaryRICHARD RAXLEN: introspective?!*√º"ç¥å?! was an inter-disciplinary project exploring the diverse range of Victoria artist Richard Raxlen’s art. While Raxlen’s film work has been applauded internationally, the full sweep of his art practice had not been similarly acknowledged. Open Space joined forces with MediaNet to launch this mid-career survey or, as Raxlen prefers to call it, an introspective.
MediaVideo, Drawing, Film, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Print Media, Video
Hard Copy Location Open Space