WomanSize : Large Renderings of Women's Imagery

ArtistsAffleck, Jean; Braidwood, Trudy; Chapnick, Karen; Estable, Cristina; Foubert, Marilyn; Heller, Barbara; Kamins, Jean; Kemble, Julie; Kupczynski, Eva; Lowe, Pinky; Richards, Sys; Scott, Truus; Shapiro, Catherine; Stewart, Anabel; Atkinson, Judith; Capel Doray, Audrey; Cook, Josie; Eredics, Susan H.; Feldmar, Meredith; Kemble, Diana; Seaman, Barbara; Serota, Phyllis; Shaw, Sandra Jane; Sutherland, Roberta; Yuille, Ingrid; Avery, Hinda; Blanck, Nora; Chappell, Georgiana; Higinbotham, Jean T.; Jensen, Doreen; Michener, Sally; Sanami; Morrill, Isao; Pitch, Marcia;
CuratorBarling, Marion (Critic); Moore, Susan (Critic); Pollock, Jill (Critic)
AuthorAnon. (Author)
SummaryThe authors describe the aims of the exhibition (3 parts) and of Women in Focus Gallery. Fibre/Fabric Arts: Mar. 17-Apr. 4; Paper/Canvas/Multimedia: Apr. 10-Apr. 25; Three Dimensional: May 2-May 16. Statements by 29 out of 33 participants. Biographical notes. FILM; VIDEO; FEMINISM
TypeCatalogue – Exhibition
MediaVideo, Ceramics, Craft, Drawing, Fibre art, Film, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Painting, Performance, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture, Social Practice, Video
Data Sourcee-Artexte
NotesAnon.. WomanSize : Large Renderings of Women's Imagery. Vancouver, BC: Women in Focus, 1981. Individual cards with images on front for didactic use, each with author information on the back. Exhibition dates: 17 Mar. - 16 May 1981, Women in Focus Gallery (Vancouver).