Open Space : The October Project : 20 Years

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsBrdar, Nick; Curry, Gwen; Olsen, Lance; Storey, Alan; Taylor, John; Burgoyne, Diana; Creighton-Kelly, Chris; Urban, Colette; Adakin, Murray; Butterfield, Christopher; Legatt, Jacqueline
CuratorTuttle, Gail
AuthorTuttle, Gail
SummaryThis retrospective publication includes a detailed chronology of events and activities at Open Space (1971-1992) and a six-participant interview about its history, mandate and logistical tactics. An essay by Tuttle positions the interdisciplinary avant-garde work against the historic context of late Vancouver modernism, and summarizes the installation, performance and media projects of a number of key artists. Retrospective; Avant-Garde; Vancouver Modernism; Open Space; Artist-Run Centre History;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
MediaCommunity-based practice, Creative Writing, Installation, Multimedia, Performance, Social Practice, Text-based art
Data Source
NotesCredit to 26 bibl. ref. Exhibition dates: 8 - 24 Oct. 1992, Open Space (Victoria).