We Need A New History : Autobiography, Autobiology : Jack Butler, Sheila Butler

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsButler, Jack; Butler, Sheila
AuthorButler, Jack; Noyes, Steve; Butler, Sheila;
SummaryThe artists situate their collaboration (which incorporates body painting, sound, photography, and performance) as an alternative construction for representing sexual, social, and scientific aspects of the self. Noyes investigates the desire to mark the body, referring especially to tattooing, and evokes healing, stigmatism, and rites of passage as motivators. Aspects of the self; Tattooing; Stigmatism; Body Image;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
MediaMultidisciplinary, Painting, Performance, Photography, Social Practice, Sound art
Data Sourcehttp://e-artexte.ca/7052/
NotesCredit to e-artexte.ca Exhibition dates: 3 - 19 Feb. 1994, Open Space Gallery (Victoria). Biographical notes.