A Critical Beauty : Frances Grafton, Lucy Hogg, Patrick Mahon, Gu Xiong

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsGrafton, Frances; Hogg, Lucy; Mahon, Patrick; Xiong, Gu
CuratorMahon, Patrick
AuthorMahon, Patrick; Schuppli, Susan
SummaryWhile curator Mahon recalls the development of the "anti-aesthetic", Schuppli analyses how the four Canadian artists "position beauty as the subject of contestation" through their drawings and paintings. Anti-aesthetics; Contestation; Beauty; Aesthetics;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
MediaDrawing, Painting
Data Sourcehttp://e-artexte.ca/10759/
NotesCredit to e-artexte.ca Exhibition dates: 8 Feb. - 2 Mar. 1996, Open Space (Victoria). Biographical notes. 1 bibl. ref.