To Remain at a Distance : An Exhibition of Artists from Vancouver Island...

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsBenton, Frances; Boehme, John G.; Borsos, Jeremy; Cook, Jo; Ellingsen, Daniel; Gillespie, Chris; Handley, Blake E.; Hoh, Joseph; Kim, Frency; Krammer, Fred; Kwok, Jeremy Sing Yiu; Langergräber, Keith; Lindsay, James; Macrae, Alisdair; Maclean, Lisa; Newdigate, Ann; Nicoletti, Claudia; Olsen, Lance; Raxlen, Rick; Raxlen, Susan; Rayner, Steve; Siahaan, Semsar; Shilling, Grant; Skog, Wendy; Stanbridge, Robin; Vaasjo, Anne; Wise, Bob; Witvliet, Jeroen
AuthorGill, Don
SummaryCatalogue to accompany a group show comprised of pieces by 28 artists from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Gill's essay focuses on the role of collaboration within arts communities and the value of artist-run culture. Vancouver Island Artists; Gulf Islands Artists; Collaboration within Arts; Art Communities; Artist-Run Culture;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
MediaCommunity-based practice, Multidisciplinary
Data Source
Hard Copy Location Artexte, Open Space
NotesCredit to Exhibition dates: 9 July - 7 Aug. 1999, Open Space Arts Society (Victoria).