To Remain at a Distance

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsAhlers, Sonja; Boehme, John G.; Clark, T; Curry, Gwen; Field, Dorothy; Giles, Linda; Mattila, Donna; Molloy, Jeff; Rath, Perry; Rogers, Joanna; Speight, Pamela; Szekely, Barrie; Walsh, Alexander; Boan, Margaret; Campbell, Eva; Cook, Jo; Doerksen, Michael; Gaudette, George; Lacayo, Jessie; Mclaughlin, J.; Newdigate, Ann; Rayner, Steve; Shepherd, Shawn; Starkey, Christopher; Vickerd, Brandon; Watson, Barbara
CuratorBall, Gregory; Davis, Todd; Mir, Suzann; Richardson, Joan; Roberts, Dale; Starck, Anthony
AuthorShilling, Grant
SummaryShilling's text on the changing demographics of the Gulf Islands foregrounds themes of place, distance and community. Gulf Islands; Belonging; Distance and Place; Community; Changing Demographics;
MediaMultidisciplinary, Text-based art
Data Source
Hard Copy Location Artexte, Open Space
NotesCredit to Exhibition dates: 7 July - 12 Aug. 2000, Open Space (Victoria).