Mapping the Body

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsJones, Barrie; Khalsa, Har-Prakash; Mark, Kelly; Mees, Monique; Peart, Wendy; Pien, Ed; Ralph, Karen; Rynard, Su
CuratorLacayo, Jessie
AuthorLacayo, Jessie
SummaryBooklet documenting a two-part group exhibition comprised of works by eight artists dealing with the body. Lacayo's curatorial text situates the artists' works within discourses concerning technologies of the body and relationships between body/environment. Her interviews with the artists highlight the following issues: process, alienation, gesture, the grotesque. Body in Art; Body and Environment; Technologies of the Body; Grotesque; Alienation; Gesture; Process;
MediaMultidisciplinary, Text-based art
Data Source
Hard Copy Location Artexte, Open Space
NotesCredit to Includes brief biographical notes. 1 bibl. ref. Exhibition dates: Part One: 2 - 24 Mar. 2001 ; Part Two: 6 - 28 Apr. 2001, Open Space Gallery (Victoria).