Luminous Sites : Ten Video Installations

ArtistsCarr-Harris, Ian; Craig, Kate; Dean, Max; Frenkel, Vera; Randy And Berenicci; Sasaki, Tomiyo; Steinman, Barbara; Tomas, David; Wong, Paul; Wyngaarden, Cornelia
CuratorAugaitis, Daina; Henry, Karen
AuthorRandy & Berenicci; Frenkel, Vera; Carr-Harris, Ian; Sasaki, Tomiyo; Dean, Max; Craig, Kate; Tomas, David; Steinman, Barbara; Wyngaarden, Cornelia; Gale, Peggy; Berland, Jody; Talve, Merika; Henry, Karen; Augaitis, Daina;
SummaryReferring to spectacle, mass media, representation, seduction, modernism, and post modernism, the authors discuss the history of video installation and its relationship to television. Video installations by ten Canadian artists are discussed by the curators and further documented by annotated catalogue entries with artists' statements. Spectacle; Mass Media; Representation; Seduction; Modernism; Post-Modernism; History of Television; Video Installations;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
MediaVideo, Installation, Print Media
Data Source
NotesCredit to Biographical notes. Circa 100 bibl. ref. Exhibition organized by Video Inn and Western Front. - Exhibition dates: 25 Feb. - 4 Apr. 1986. Published by Western Front in partnership with Video Inn.