Video Guide Vol. 10 No. 3 - 4 [#48]

Video Guide Vol. 10 No. 3 - 4 [#48]
ArtistsTuff, David; Durand, Yannick; Goss, John; Wilson, Emjay; Huff, Robert; Hassuk, Adam; MacLean, David; Greyson, John; Juhasz, Alexandra; Hollibaugh, Amber; Lebow, Alisa; Parmar, Pratibha; Gutierrez, Jose; Vergelin, Jose; Burke, Andre; Lebow, Alisa; Hollibaugh, Amber; Video Against AIDS; Callen, Michael; Kalin, Tom; Testing the Limits Collective; Carlomusto, Jean; Bordowitz, Gregg; Carrion, Ulises; Mind Altered Media
AuthorCallen, Michael; Carlomusto, Jean; Carter, Tony; AIDS Film Collective; Dennis, Ruby-Marie; Elgear, Sandra; Fisher, Gordon; Gutierrez-Gomez, Jose; Greyson, John; Hutt, Robin; Jenkins, Sue; Juhasz, Alexandra; Julien, Isaac; Leitch, Terry; Maggenti, Maria;
Date MonthNovember
Summary"Welcome to VIDEO GUIDE, a newspaper for and about alternative video in Vancouver. (From first issue). This issue focuses on media production that has surfaced in response to the AIDS crisis." Managing Editor: S. Preus. Editor this issue: S. Jenkins. Includes editorial by S. Jenkins, articles by R. Marchand (Aids Vancouver Video Library), by T. Leitch (A Personal Statement), by S. Jenkins (Now Playing), by J. Greyson (Requiem for Gaetan), by J. Carlomusto/G. Bordowitz (Do It), by S. Elgear/R. Hutt (Some Notes on Collective Production), by J. Carlomusto (Making It), by M. Callen (Pinned and Wriggling), by J. Gutierres-Gomez/J. Vergelin (Mining the Oro del Barrio); reviews of "HIV+" by G. Fisher, of "Ministry of Health Video" by T. Carter, of "Her Giveaway" by R.-M. Dennis, of "The World is Sick (Sic)" by M. Turrel; also featuring "In Conversation" with I. Julien and P. Parmar, "Constructing Authority: Documentary Form & Aids" by A. Juhasz, "Aids Film Library" by Aids Film Collective, "Media Network: An Educational Guide" by M. Maggenti/R. Hutt/S. Elgear, "Video and the 5th Int'l Conference on Aids" by K. Morrison, and the usual 'Scanning' feature covering local events. VIDEO, FEMINISM, HIV, AIDS
MediaVideo, Multimedia
Notes28 pages total, quality white newsprint throughout. Production staff this issue, other than noted in 'authors': Cowling & Assoc., Crista Haukedal, Sue Jenkins, Jill Kelly, Karen Knights, Shawn Preus, Joe Sarahan. Other contributing authors, too numerous to be entered in the field above: Ken Mann, Rick Marchand, Ken Morrison, Pratibha Parmar, Mark Turrel, Jose Vergelin.