Video Guide Vol. 6 No. 4 [#29]

Video Guide Vol. 6 No. 4 [#29]
ArtistsHenry, Karen; Preus, Shawn; Chick Rice; Schnepf, Lothar; Seip, Stokely; Sato, Norie; Anderson, Laurie
AuthorHenry, Karen; Knights, Karen; Paterson, Nancy; Preus, Shawn; Schweizer, Werner; Talve, Merike; Von Bruch, Klaus
Date MonthAugust
Summary"Welcome to VIDEO GUIDE, a newspaper for and about alternative video in Vancouver. (From first issue)." Managing Editor: S. Preus. Cover photo of N. Sato by K. Henry/S. Preus. Includes editorial by S. Preus; reviews of N. Sato (Phosphor Theatre, Interference Display) by K. Henry, of "Street Culture" by M. Talve, articles by K. Knights (Laurie Anderson: The Performance), by K. Henry (Video Culture - Cafe Video), by W. Schweizer (The Videoladen - Switzerland, a desc. of "Infermental", Video/Culture 1984, "Censored", the 'Scanning' features and an artist page by K. Von Bruch. Photos by K. Henry, S. Preus, C. Rice, L. Schnepf, S. Seip. VIDEO, FEMINISM
MediaVideo, Multimedia
Notes16 pages total, quality white newsprint throughout. Production staff this issue, other than noted in 'authors': Jill Kelly.