Video Guide Vol. 6 No. 2 [#27]

Video Guide Vol. 6 No. 2 [#27]
ArtistsGoldberg, Michael; Healy, Julie; Henry, Karen; Jardine, Jim; Wong, Paul; Yanulis, Mary Anne; Shultz, Eric; Greyson, John; MacDonald, Mike; Bourgeois, Gary; Daniels, Gina; Reinhardt, Jeanette; Doyle, Helen; Giguerre, Nicole; Roy, Helene; Bourgault, Helene; Fournier, Joanne; Weidenaar, Reynold; Riga, Jean Claude; Red-Baer, Robert; Wakamatsu, Akio
AuthorDiamond, Sara; Goldberg, Michael; Healey, Julie; Henry, Karen; Mitchell, Jeannine; Preus, Shawn; Wong, Paul
Date MonthMarch
Summary"Welcome to VIDEO GUIDE, a newspaper for and about alternative video in Vancouver. (From first issue)." Managing Editor: S. Preus. Cover photo/design by ?. Includes editorial by S. Preus; reviews of M. Macdonald (Electric Totem) by J. Healey, articles by J. Mitchell (Idera, Artists Call - Against U.S. Intervention in Latin America), by S. Diamond (Clear About Confused), by M. Goldberg (The 6th Tokyo Video Festival, Hong Kong International Video Art Exhibition), and coverage of "Sexual Views: an Installation by Confused Artist Statement" where P. Wong talks to V. Guide. Other events include Video Femmes 10th ann., Women in Film (NY) and Museum Moderner Kunst, along with the regular 'Scanning' feature . Photos by M. Goldberg, J. Healy, K. Henry, J. Jardine, and P. Wong. VIDEO, FEMINISM
MediaVideo, Multimedia
Notes16 pages total, quality white newsprint throughout. Production staff this issue, other than noted in 'authors': Jill Kelly.