Video Guide Vol. 5 No. 5 [#25]

Video Guide Vol. 5 No. 5 [#25]
ArtistsRoth, Anders; Wyngaarden, Corry; Cohen, Larry; Chappell, Georgianna; Gilbert, Gerry; Average, Joe; Jones, Catherine; Eckman, Phyllis; Penner Bancroft, Marian; Clark, Stephen; Tanaka, Kazumi; Gledhil, Randy; Raymond, Susan; Hume, Vern; Funnel, Jeff; Takatsu, Ryan; Prouchnyk, Alex; Kilis, Gerry; Curry, Adam
AuthorCarter, Sam; Curry, Adam; Diamond, Sara; Henry, Karen; Philp, Andrea; Preus, Shawn; Talve, Merika; Wong, Paul
Date MonthDecember
Summary"Welcome to VIDEO GUIDE, a newspaper for and about alternative video in Vancouver. (From first issue). Here in Vancouver we finished the year with what seemed like a tiny cultural renaissance, with the opening of the new V.A.G. and the coinciding opening of the October Show" Tentative publication month as this is the 'Winter' edition. Managing Editor: S. Preus Co-Editor this issue: Corry Wyngaarden. Cover photo by C. Wyngaarden. 'Tattletape' feature announces upcoming video events here and elsewhere, with articles by M. Talve ("The October Show"), S. Carter ("Less is More"), S. Diamond (Vancouver Cable Ten), P. Wong (Void Space), A. Philip (Video Pool Winnipeg); coverage of Nattovinino, the Anthology Film Archive and the American Film Festival, as well as an artist page by A. Curry, a review of T. Ewasiuk (As the Petals Fall) by K. Henry. Photos by A. Roth, C. Wyngaarden. VIDEO, FEMINISM
MediaVideo, Multimedia
Notes16 pages total, quality white newsprint throughout. Production staff this issue, other than noted in 'authors': Jill Kelly.