Silence Descends

ArtistsChappelle, Shawn; Ciona, Joelle; Friz, Anna; Courtemanche, Peter; Kage, Eileen; Mullen, Bill
CuratorCourtemanche, Peter
SummaryInspired by George Case’s book about the end of the Information Age, this CD presents 13 pieces of experimental music by the following sound artists: S. Chappelle, J. Ciona, P. Courtemanche, A. Friz, E. Kage and B. Mullan. Experimental Music; George Case Literature; Information Age;
TypeAudio-Visual Material
MediaVideo, Audio, Multimedia
Data Source
NotesCredit to Performance presented on 27 Oct. 1999, at Western Front (Vancouver). Onsite location has a boxed set with the following: 1 compact disc (53 min, 27 s) + 1 box (13 x 14 x 1 cm) + 3 leaflets (28 x 22 cm)