Video Guide Vol. 5 No. 1 [#21]

Video Guide Vol. 5 No. 1 [#21]
ArtistsBarling, Marion; Rice, Chick; Preus, Shawn; Wolstencraft, Michelle; Pitch, Marcia; Armstrong, Neil;
AuthorConn, Melanie; Feindel, Pat; Goldberg, Michael; Graff, Tom; Haukedal, Crista; Henry, Karen; Nickel, Michell; Preus, Shawn; Wong, Paul; Wyngaarden, Cornelia
Date MonthJanuary
Summary"Welcome to VIDEO GUIDE, a newspaper for and about alternative video in Vancouver. (From first issue)." Managing Editor: S. Preus. Cover photo: VTR as Health Hazard. 'Tattletape' feature announces upcoming video events here and elsewhere, with articles on Amelia Productions by K. Henry; on "Some Perspectives on Women's Art Centres" by M. Nickel, on "The Midden Heap can also be the Cornucopia" by T. Graff, on "Very Damning Testimony" by M. Conn; N. Armstrong, England is reviewed by K. Henry; description of the Department of Communications update in the "National Guide"; reviews of "Rising Up Strong: Women in the 80's" by P. Feindel; "Media Watch" a sex role stereotyping report; with the 'Scanning'' feature and a "Japan Video Diary" by Michael Goldberg. Photos by M. Barling, S. Preus, C. Rice. VIDEO, FEMINISM
MediaVideo, Multimedia
Notesquality white newsprint throughout. Production staff this issue, other than noted in 'authors': Jill Kelly.