~Scope : Western Front Exhibitions Programme

ArtistsArnold, Martin; Baril, Mireille; Barnett, Derek; Mackenzie, Alex; Middleton, Jonathan; Welsby, Chris; Anderson, John; Baum, Jennifer; Boucher, Clemence; Brekelmans, Steven; Brown, John Pierre; Bryntrupp, Michael; Chappelle, Shawn; Choit, Barb; Claxton, Dana; Connors, Teresa; Denton, Andrew; Dj Paola; Eros, Bradley; Feder, Ari; Guhle, Shelly; Gonnet, Jean-Louis; Grimonprez, Johan; Haraguchi, Yoshi; Hoolboom, Mike; Howes, Hadley; Kantor, Istvan; Konstantinos; Krebs, Kevin; Kuras, Christian; Laiwan; Lee, Paul; Liotta, Jeanne; Marker, Chris; Stephens, Maxwell; Milroy, Jane; Perron, Jacques; Phosphene; Please Play Here Collective; Reeder, Ben; Ritter, Kathleen; Sanguedolce, Steve; Soo, Mark; Stereo8 & March 9; Stracke, Caspar; Sulyi, Peter; Thomas, Wade; Thorne, Kika; Weih, Jen
CuratorAnderlini, Ken; Bowie, Fiona; Gingras, Nicole; Hirsch, Antonia; Mackenzie, Alex; Middleton, Jonathan; Rimmer, Cate; Xin, Winston
AuthorBowie, Fiona; Cutler, Randy Lee; Anderlini, Ken; Burnham, Clint; Gingras, Nicole; Fleming, Kathleen; Mackenzie, Alex; Watson, Petra
SummaryDocuments the events of a year-long project at the Western Front, focusing on new experimental film and media. Bowie provides a brief overview of the series and Cutler focuses on the series’ recurring theme of sampling. Anderlini, N. Gingras, and A. Mackenzie provide texts on the screenings they curated, on the respective topics of Postmodernism, looping, and hand-processing film. C. Burnham uses social and psychoanalytical theory to discuss Barnett and Middleton’s "Anoptic" in terms of surveillance video as “poornography.” P. Watson addresses the representation of nature in Welsby’s "Lost Lake." Experimental Film; PostModernism; Sampling; Psychoanalytical theory; Surveillance Video Art; Poornography;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
MediaVideo, Film, Print Media, Social Practice
Data Sourcehttp://e-artexte.ca/15529/
Hard Copy Location Artexte, The Western Front
NotesCredit to e-artexte.ca Exhibition dates: Jan. 1999 - May 2000, Western Front Gallery (Vancouver). Gift of Louis Jacob. Biographical notes. 34 bibl. ref.