Food for Thought : Or Gallery 1983 to 2003.

Publisher Or Gallery
ArtistsDouglas, Stan; Jungen, Brian; Macleod, Myfanwy; Mallet, Kyla; Prentice, Lisa
AuthorEdmonds, Sarah (Editor); Gouin, Renée (Interviewer); Mahovsky, Trevor (Interviewer); Lum, Ken (Interviewee); Haraldsson, Arni (Athor); Graham, James (Author); Ramsey, Ellen (Author); McCrum, Phillip (Author); Totino, Mina (Interviewer); Shaw, Nancy (Inte
SummaryFood for Thought is an anecdotal history of the Or Gallery that includes interviews and writings by local artists and curators who have been involved with the gallery since its inception in 1983.
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