ISSUE magazine Vol. 3 No. 3

ISSUE magazine Vol. 3 No. 3
ArtistsKillo, Madison; Hou, Julian; Agematsu, Yuji; Weiwei, Ai; Weinstein, Michelle; Pignon, Dana; Stankievech, Stan; Ward, Holly; Shaw, Jeremy; Bunte, Andreas; Marx, Karl; Starling, Dan; Zvonar, Elizabeth; Hrabluik, Allison; Piasta, Laura; Jungen, Brian; Cardiff, Janet; Bures Miller, Georges; McCracken, Katie; Pestoni, Jon; Smith, Suzie; Van Asselt, Matthew; Gray, Jesse; Slade, Kathy; Clay, Allyson; MacLoed, Myfanwy; Hof, Jeremy; DeLong, Mark; Doupe, Barry; Mills, Lorna; Partenheimer, Jurgen; Yoon, Hyung Min; Woo, Alan; Youden, Lauryn;
Curator(s)Middleton, Jonathan; Bourcheix-Laporte, Mariane; Schulz, Katharina; O'Neill, Patrick
Author(s)Bischott, Alexandra; Howell, Dana; Neil, Katherine; Rozitis, Kathryn; Harty, Matthew; Grauer, Perrin; Bernard, Stephane; McNab, Brynn; Mirzaghitova, Zoya; Wojtyra, Antoni; Dakin, Lindsay; Davidson, Sarah; Ling, Steffanie; Ward, Jamie; Dickieson, Jenn;
Year Published2014
Month PublishedNovember
ISBN / ISSN #08241368
Summary / KeywordsNearly thirty years after the publication of its second volume, ISSUE magazine re-launched in April 2013 at UNIT/PITT Projects in Vancouver. It is a self-described magazine of “mostly local culture", managed by contributing editor B. McNab, cover art by P. Cruz, and printed & bound by Publication Studio Vancouver. The issue of ISSUE has reviews of J. Hou (CSA Space by K. Rozitis), The Gam vs. VIVO (by A. Bischoff & K. Neil), Or Gallery's Science Fiction Series (by M. Killo), "Lost in Memory Place" of J. Cardiff and G. B. Miller (by L. Dakin), Y. Agematsu (Artspeak by D. Howell), M. De-Long, B. Doupe & L. Mills (Western Front by A. Wojtyra), LOL (Skylight Gallery by Z. Mirzaghitova); J. Partenheimer (CAG & Museum of Anthropology by P. Grauer), H. M. Yoon (grunt gallery by J. Dickieson), A. Weiwei (Belkin Gallery by M. Harty); Essays by S. Davidson, S. Ling, J. Ward, S. Bernard, A. Wojtyra, and B. McNab; Photo collages by K. McCracken, and Graphic pieces by M. Killo. VANCOUVER, ARC, DANCE, PAINTING, INSTALLATION, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, MONOCHROME, DRAWING, ILLUSTRATION, PRINTMAKING, COLLAGE, ASSEMBLAGE, UGLINESS
MediaCommunity-based practice, Creative Writing, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture
NotesColour covers by Brick Press, with 46 b/w interior pages. Includes an extensive list of galleries for the Vancouver area and detailed gallery map as a centrefold (pp. 20-21).