ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 8

ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 8
ArtistsFischer, Elizabeth; Reid, Larry; Boswell, David; The Animal Slaves; General Idea; Wollstonecroft, Michele; Froelich, Olga; I, Braineater; Tessler, Ronnie; Roberge, Laurent; Jazzmanaian Devils; Trevor Jones & the Naked Edge; Rhythm Mission; R.E.M; Violent Femmes; Rank and File; Metcalfe, Eric; Bull, Frank; Wilson, Sherry D.; Gorlitz, Will; Tod, Joanne; Alexander, Shelagh; Weins, Robert; Hodgkin, Howard; Dubuffet, Jean; Helion, Hean; Favrier, Philippe; Vaillet, Claude; Hartung, Hans; Cain, Louis; Hoffman, Joseph; Carr-Harris, Ian; Magor, Liz; Fischl, Eric; Wierzbicki, Stefan; Gracz, Jerzy Duda; Coe, Sue; Metz, Holly;
CuratorRhodes, Richard
AuthorHopper, Hedy; Carrico, Jim; Daniel, Barbara; Davis, Todd; Gow, Sandy; Kaplan, Joel; Little, Billy; MacKillop, Michael; Mulligan, Lorna; Pollack, Jill; Seip, Stokely; Wallace, Keith; Gross, Steven
Date MonthJuly
Summary"ISSUE is a magazine devoted to the visual arts in Vancouver. It is produced by and for Vancouver artists." (Issue V.1 No.3). Produced by an editorial board including: Jim Carrico, Barbara Daniel, Sandy Gow, Lorna Mulligan, with thanks to Nancy & Klig. Cover by E. Fischer. Opening remarks by H. Hopper. Interviews of D. Boswell by Barb & Jim, The Animal Slaves by Barb & Jim, L. Reid by J. Carrico; Reviews of General Idea (J. Kaplan), M. Wollstonecroft (J. Pollack), I, Braineater (J. Carrico), O. Froelich (M. Mackillop), R. Tessler (J. Pollack), L. Roberge (M. MacKillop), 41st V. Biennale (K. Wallace), Toronto 80/1/2/3/4 (T. Davis), "Bands of a Feather Flock Here Together" (S. Gow), "Sax Island" (S. Seip), "How to Commit Suicide" (B. Little), "Tightwire" (S. Gow) and Jazzman Devils/T. Jones & the Naked Edge/Rhythm Mission (J. Carrico); Essay by L. Mulligan (Sally Can't Dance). VANCOUVER, ARC, VAG, OCTOBER SHOW, MAIL ART, PAINTING, SCULPTURE, DRAWING, ARCHITECTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION, PUNK, JAZZ, COMICS, VIDEO
MediaVideo, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Music, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Site-specific art
Hard Copy Location
NotesColour covers with 40 b/w internal pages. Includes an extensive gallery listing for the Vancouver area and detailed gallery map as a centrefold & page 22, and a Letters page on p. 39.