MPS: Celebrating 20 Years of Original Printmaking

MPS: Celebrating 20 Years of Original Printmaking
ArtistsWong, Kim; Wilson, Lyle; Groening, Torrie; Rafuse, Vincent; Kootchin, Barry; Mahon, Patrick; Faminow, Polly; Daglish, Peter; Cardiff, Janet; Madsen, Glenn Olav; Pattern, Ken; Routhier, Gabriel; Braun, Katrin; Carter, Geoff; Lo, Shyh-Charng; Norman, Joseph; Yamada, Heather; Musson, Brian; Beaton, Patricia
CuratorDavis, Todd A.
AuthorDavis, Todd A.
Date MonthOctober
SummaryExhibition catalogue for show organized by MPS and shown at the Simon Fraser Gallery (Oct. 10 - Nov. 3) and at the Burnaby Art Gallery (Nov. 4 - Dec. 24). Publication commemorates 20 years of printmaking history at MPS. Texts by the Director, Todd A. Davis, including Acknowledgements, Introduction, Inside the Mechanics of an Image, Types of Prints and Other Influences, Print Production: a definition, and MPS. Catalogue includes list of works and full list of artists being represented in the Archives Collection. PRINT MEDIA.
MediaPrint Media
Hard Copy Location Malaspina Printmakers
NotesWhite card stock cover with 14 b/w interior pages.