ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 3

ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 3
ArtistsKane, Josie; Davis, Todd; Chappell, Georgianna; Lukacs, Richard; Duchenes, Julie; Kazmer, Karen; McWilliams, Al; Payne, Gordon; Gilbert, Gerry; Haraldsson, Arni; Bridges, Jim; Kane, Josie; Grady, Mark; Carrico, Jim; Dahlberg, Olaf; Dahlberg, Christian; Corsaut, Share; Birstein, Suzy; Schmidt, Marianna; Pratt, Elspeth; Jone, Catherine; Buriak, Myros; Chapnick, Karen; Robideau, Henri; Rennie, Bill; Bancroft, Marian; Guderna, Martin; Balkind, Alvin; Gow, Sandy; Cook, Josie; Storey, Alan; Chappell, Georgianna; Tipping, Pat; Beer, Ruth; Lemieux, Lise; Cole, Barbara; Douglas, Fred; Dizzy, Walt; Varney, Ed; Wall, Jeff; MacWilliams, David; Knight, Katherine; Gammon, Lynda; Kazmer, Karen; Kamins, Jeannie; Weaving, Jill; Movanna, Moira; Blackridge, Persimmon; Gilhooley, Sheila; Banana, Anna; Dean, Tom; Mallinson, Carole; Leith, David
CuratorDavis, Todd; Augaitis, Daina; Gingerich, Mary; Pakasaar, Helga; Kane, Josie; Linsley, Robert
AuthorTalve, Merike; Coward, Gary; Johnson, Eve; Watson, Scott; Mays, John Bentley; Gilbert, Liz; Haraldsson, Arni Runar; Wallace, Keith; Kamins, Jeannie; Carrico, Jim; Davis, Todd; McKirdy, Douglas; Sky, Steven; Hopper, Hedy
Date MonthDecember
Summary"ISSUE is a magazine devoted to the visual arts in Vancouver. It is produced by and for Vancouver artists. ... This issue is primarily devoted to critical (and not so critical) writing about the October Show and takes the form of commissioned writing and a selection of reprints from the print mass media". Produced by an editorial board including: Jim Carraco, Barbara Daniel, Sandy Gow, Mark Grady, Lorna Mulligan, and Danna White; with thanks to Todd Davis and James Klyman-Mowczan. Cover text by C. Baudelaire: Intro to 1846 "Salon Reviews". Opening remarks by H. Hopper. October Section: M. Talve, G. Coward, J. Kamins, A. R. Haraldsson, K. Wallace; Exhibition to be Destroyed by J. Carrico, Interview with 3 curators of O. Show: Daina, Mary & Helga. Third ISSUE includes photos of Photoperspectives @ Presentation House: D. Leith & C. Mallinson, Space Clippings by S. Sky, a letter and reply section, a crossword, and reviews of L. Gammon & K. Kazmer (T. Davis), and Sexuality and Seeing (D. McKirdy). VANCOUVER, ARC, VAG, OCTOBER SHOW MAIL ART PAINTING SCULPTURE DRAWING INSTALLATION
MediaCeramics, Community-based practice, Drawing, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Site-specific art
NotesColour covers with 36 b/w internal pages. Includes an extensive gallery listing for the Vancouver area and detailed gallery map on pages 22-24.