Flyer Project

ArtistsMartin, Keith; Quijada, Alfonso; Macgregor, Jean; Butler, Margot; Weaving, Jill P.; SSCCJ; Lai, Larissa; Clark, Donna; Naylor, Margaret; Galdamez, Fredi; Tsang, Henry; Galdamez, Jesus; Chang, Ana.; Laiwan; Jones, Amy; Tataryn, Joy.
CuratorWeaving, Jill P. (Coordinator)
SummaryNewspaper produced by Asoc. of Noncommercial Culture where members of the collective and other artists addressed issues of Vancouver's shifting residential/urban evolutions, the tensions created by development and gentrification, unharnessed real state speculation, and lack of both tenant protection and affordable housing. Social Awareness in Vancouver; Urban and Residential Development; Community Newspaper; Public Entry into Private Domain;
MediaArchitecture, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Drawing, Illustration, Photography, Print Media, Site-specific art, Social Practice, Text-based art
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
Notes4 Newspaper copies on site: Series 6, Box 6, Folder 7.6.08