ISSUE magazine Vol. 3 No. 1

ISSUE magazine Vol. 3 No. 1
ArtistsMindel Saloman, Gabriel; Morelli, Didier; Marsden, Lauren; Kreye, Zoe; Grau, Catherine; Stursberg, Alex; Dadson, Andrew; Shipper, Jenny; Boyd, Maggie; Mardon, Alexa; Bose, Chris; Chadburn, Maxine; Lui, Michelle; Solomon, Brian; McInnes, Kelly; Wolfe, Sophia; Hansen, Elissa; Marchenski, Billy; Terezakis, Paras; Wyss, Cease; Chambers, Justine; Ashbee, Daina; Romero, Diego; Khakpour, Arash; Bourcheix-Laporte, Mariane; Manniche, Finn; New Improved; Wildeman, Gary; Bajakian, Aram; Wilson, Tony; Samworth, Ron; Hanuse Corlett, Bracken; Murphy, Max; Younger, Jeff; Brown, Ben; Scholburg, Russel; Lower, Joel; Lee, Peggy; Freedman, Bruce; Turner, Michael; Kane, Margo; Tsang, Henry; Hille, Veda; Chamale, Pedro; Khakpour, Aryo; Ng, ChuLynne; Doyle, Keith; Siebens, Evann; Sherman, Cindy; Jungen, Brian; Wall, Jeff; Shadbolt, Jack; Close, Chuck; Zepka, Erik
CuratorDakin, Lindsay; Campbell, Patrick; Pelech, Christian; Hartley, Patrick; Bourcheix-Laporte, Mariane; Bose, Chris; McIntosh, David; Lewis, Scott
AuthorMcNab, Brynn; Ling, Steffanie; Howell, Dana; Roy, Aleandrin; Higgins, Keith; Stewart, Carla; Mardon, Alexa
Date MonthApril
SummaryNearly thirty years after the publication of its second volume, ISSUE magazine re-launched in April 2013 at UNIT/PITT Projects in Vancouver. It is a self-described magazine of “mostly local culture", managed by contributing editor B. McNab, and printed & bound by Publication Studio Vancouver. The first ISSUE contains an interview with INDEX Gallery founders, P. Campbell, L. Dakin, and C. Pelech (B. McNab); a review of Collective Walks/Spaces of Contestation (U/P Projects) by C. Stewart; essays by K. Higgins, S. Ling, B. McNab, A. Mardon; an interview with A. Stursberg (D. Howell); art by N. Bagshaw, J. Shipper, M. Boyd, E. Zepka; and a three short reviews.
MediaCreative Writing, Drawing, Illustration, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Performance, Print Media, Sculpture, Social Practice, Text-based art
NotesColour covers with 36 b/w interior pages. Centre spread contains a list of Vancouver galleries by numerological consultant A. Roy.