ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 1

ISSUE magazine Vol. 1 No. 1
ArtistsKlyman-Mowczan, James; Laiwan: Seto, Anthony
CuratorWatson, Scott; Augaitis, Daina; Davis, Todd; Gingerich, Mary; Kane, Josie; Linsey, Robert; Pakasaar, Helga
AuthorLaiwan; Carrico, Jim; Varney, Ed; Daniel, Barbara; Metal, Hedy
Date MonthSeptember
Summary"The ISSUE is a monthly magazine covering the Vancouver visual art community. It has been established to fill the void that exists between the mass media and existing national arts publications" (read Vanguard, as produced by the Vancouver Art Gallery of the day). Produced by an editorial board including: Jim Carraco, Barb Daniel, Sandy Gow, Mark Grady, Lorna Mulligan, and Danna White. Cover art by J. Klyman-Mowczan. The main article of the text is a 4 page interview with the then curator of the VAG, Scott Watson, by B. Daniels. This article is mirrored by a short curatorial statement by the curators of the October Show, a "grassroots attempt to create something out of the chaos of separate isolations which characterizes the situation of most Vancouver artists" (p.11): D. Augaitis, T. Davis, M. Gingerich, J. Kane, R. Linsley, H. Pakasaar. And Ed Varney writes a one page essay on the VAG as well. VANCOUVER, ARC, VAG, OCTOBER SHOW
MediaCreative Writing, Painting, Print Media, Other
NotesColour cover, newsprint interior pages, 18 pages total. Includes an extensive gallery listing for the Vancouver area as a centre fold, and detailed gallery map on the inner back cover.