d'Or: Goin' Solo

d\'Or: Goin\' Solo
Publisher Or Gallery
CuratorMichèle Faguet
AuthorSydney Hermant; Lucy Pullen; Daina Warren; Dan Starling; Adair Rounthwaite; Denise Oleksijczuk; J.A. Gaitán; Corin Sworn; Mark Soo; Liz Bruchet; Robyn Laba; Melanie O'Brian; Anne Lesley Selcer; Doug Smarch Jr; Ted Hamilton
MediaVideo, Drawing, Film, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Text-based art, Video
Notesd'Or: Goin' Solo is a compendium of essays and images exploring the exhibitions at the Or Gallery in the year 2004.