Ginger Goodwin Way

Ginger Goodwin Way
Publisher Or Gallery
ArtistsMariana Castillo Deball; Michele Di Menna; Until We Have A Helicopter; Adam Sellen; Eric Bell; Raymond Boisjoly
CuratorJesse Birch
AuthorJim Green; Jesse Birch; Michael Turner
Date MonthOctober
SummaryMining, Vancouver, Ginger Goodwin Way, Publication Studio Vancouver, Cumberland, Comox Valley, Trade Unionism, Coal, Dunsmuir, Or Gallery
MediaCreative Writing, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Site-specific art, Social Practice, Other
Online Purchase Url
Hard Copy Location Or Gallery
NotesGinger Goodwin Way is a book, edited by Jesse Birch, featuring essays by the late Jim Green, Jesse Birch and Michael Turner. The book also documents the 2010 exhibition of the same name at the Or, which featured work by Mariana Castillo Deball, Michele Di Menna, and Until We Have A Helicopter, with texts by Adam Sellen, Eric Bell, and Raymond Boisjoly. Ginger Goodwin Way was an exhibition of contemporary art that engaged with contested stories and histories: re-interpretations, misinterpretations and unofficial versions.