Letters from Home

ArtistsJones, Amy; Naylor, Margaret; Weaving, Jill P.
AuthorJones, Amy; Naylor, Margaret; Weaving, Jill P.
SummaryLetters from Home is a collection of flash cards which address stereotypes and realities of mothering. This collection affirms the value and recognizes the responsibilities involved in the care of children. It critiques politically determined economic practises which punish women who decide to do full-time care of their children. A didactic assemble to metaphorically introduce a new vocabulary through literature, imagery and mythology. Mothering issues; Mothering stereotypes; Mothering empowerment; Political Critique in Art; Didactic Art; Mother identities;
TypeArtist’s publication – Boxed set/Collection
MediaCommunity-based practice, Creative Writing, Drawing, Print Media, Social Practice, Text-based art
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
NotesLetters from Home is part of "Out of Place"; a project by the Association of Noncommercial culture. 4 identical box sets with didactic flashcards available on site: Series 6, Box 5, Folder 7.6.01