Mowry Baden: A Choreography of the Ordinary

Mowry Baden: A Choreography of the Ordinary
Publisher Open Space
ArtistsMowry Baden
CuratorBrenda Petays; Lauren Schaffer
AuthorRobet Hullot-Kentor; Brenda Petays; Lauren Schaffer
SummaryThis publication presents a ten-year period of work from the Governor General Award–winning and internationally recognized sculptor Mowry Baden. The artist has built harneness, furniture, rooms, and pathways, all with the goal of impinging upon the viewer's movements and awakening a physical self-awareness that was previously unconscious. This catalogue features an essay by Robet Hullot-Kentor centring on illusion in Baden’s work, along with short contributions by curators Brenda Petays and Lauren Schaffer.
MediaInstallation, Sculpture
Hard Copy Location Open Space