Collaboratory: Character

Collaboratory: Character
Publisher Open Space
ArtistsVirginia Abbott; Abbas Akhavan; Lisa Anderson; Ian Avery; Ilze Bebris; Greg Corness; Kristy Farkas; Milutin Gubash; Sheila Ie; Marci Rabe; Marina Roy; Carey Ann Schaefer; Althea Thauberger; Meg Walker
AuthorJessie Lacayo
SummaryThe collaboraty: CHARACTER series showed off the collaborative projects of a number of artists working in various media: video, live performance, collage, concert. This pamphlet includes a brief essay by Jessie Lacayo with artist statements and colour photographs of the work.
MediaVideo, Drawing, Intervention, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Music, Performance, Public art, Sculpture, Sound art, Text-based art, Video
Hard Copy Location Open Space