Book of Small

Book of Small
Publisher Open Space
ArtistsSonja Ahlers; Ginger Brooks Takahashi; Sarah Cain
AuthorCarey Ann Schaefer
SummaryThe exhibition The Book of Small starred three artists who, using modest materials including paper, paint, and fabric, further blurred the divisions between art and craft, art and community, and art and architecture. Sonja Ahlers (Vancouver) assembled free and donated scraps—tickets, comic strips, clothing tags, doodles, doilies—into collages that chronicled the objects, ideas and people that momentarily capture our attention. Ginger Brooks Takahashi (Brooklyn) presented quilts and drawings featuring rabbits and humans involved in sexual scenarios; these doubled as metaphors for the difficulties involved in reproduction, both biological and cultural, in the queer community. Sarah Cain (Oakland) created art installations that used space—walls, windows, corners, floorboards—merging art and architecture. This publication features a generous ten pages of each artist’s work (including two-page spreads) and a short essay on each by Carey Ann Schaefer.
MediaArchitecture, Craft, Drawing, Fibre art, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Sculpture, Site-specific art
Hard Copy Location Open Space