Dowsing for Failure

Dowsing for Failure
Publisher Open Space
ArtistsBenjamin Bellas; Nate Larson; Gordon Lebredt; Mike Paget; June Pak; Daniel Olson; Anthony Schrag
CuratorTed Hiebert; Doug Jarvis
AuthorTed Hiebert; Doug Jarvis
SummaryCurated by Doug Jarvis and Ted Hiebert, Dowsing for Failure featured works by Benjamin Bellas, Nate Larson, Gordon Lebredt, Mike Paget, June Pak, Daniel Olson and Anthony Schrag. Failure is re-positioned to reveal paradoxes hard-wired into the practices and attitudes of contemporary culture and life.
MediaVideo, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Sculpture, Video
Hard Copy Location Open Space