Publisher Open Space
ArtistsCandice Hopkins; Peter Morin; Nick Lutz; Koreena Groat; Erick Dennis; Jordon Brooks; Helen Ray; Jim Watson; Michele Guevremont; Jonathan Taylor; Nanette Jackson; Nadema Agard; Tor Forsberg; Chrystos; Pat Supeene; Kristina Welsh; Olive Cochrane; Janet "Tsa-so-ye-ma" Vance; Diane Burrows; Tamara Charles; Shona GreyBear; Haruko Okano; Louise Framst; LauraLee K Harris; Rod Johnup; Tracey Kim Jack; Sharon Silverfox; Kamala Todd; David Savory; Kate Brant; Claudette JM Billy; Bev Palmeeter; Jennifer L'Hirondelle; Shirley Reeves; Ursula Fedorak
AuthorCandice Hopkins
SummaryBannockology is an anthology of anecdotes, recipes, poetry and insights about bannock, the ubiquitous bread that is a part of every First Nations social event, private or public. Compiled and edited by artist, writer, curator Peter Morin, Bannockology was initiated in Watson Lake, Yukon where Peter worked with the local library and youth, and grew as Peter’s cultural adventures lead him to organize the World’s Largest Bannock event, and shaped by a deep commitment to his Tahltan culture. An essay by acclaimed curator Candice Hopkins introduces Bannockology. Revenues from sales will be directed to the Watson Lake Library and Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services. Co publishers: Camosun College, Western Front, Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services.
MediaText-based art
Hard Copy Location Open Space