AdVerse Practises (Practises Zealously Pursued Pass Into Habits)

ArtistsLewis, Mark; Weaving, Jill P.; Gill, Don; Muirhead, Ross; Butler, Margot; Ramsden, Anne; Campbell, Kati; Brown, Lorna; Hall, Sheila
CuratorMurfitt, Warren; Brown, Lorna
AuthorBrown, Lorna; Hall, Sheila; Culley, Peter; Weaving, Jil P.; Muirhead, Ross; Butler, Margot; Campbell, Kati; Ramsden, Anne
SummaryWorks by nine artists were created for a bus shelter advertising display case in Vancouver. Culley views this non-commercial reappropriation of public space as a critical response to advertising practises and to attemps to transform post-Expo 86 Vancouver into an international financial capital. Personal statements by some of the artists. Public Art in Vancouver; Public Space; Noncommercial appropiation; Expo 86 Vancouver; Urban intervention;
MediaCommunity-based practice, Design, Installation, Intervention, Print Media, Public art, Site-specific art, Social Practice
Data Source
NotesCredit to Exhibition dates: 29 Feb. - 13 June 1988, nus shelter at the corner of Burrard and Robson Streets (Vancouver). Biographical notes.