[Public Art of Private Property? Perhaps Both]

ArtistsMartin, Keith; Tataryn, Joy; Weaving, Jill P.; Lai, Larissa; Naylor, Margaret; Galdamez, Jesus Romeo; Tsang, Henry; Laiwan; Macgregor, Jean; Butler, Margot; John, Susan; Clark, Donna; Galdamez, Fredi; Quijada Urias, Alfonso; Chang, Ana; Jones, Amy.
Summary30,000 copies of this flyer were delivered to homes and residences in Vancouver. Presenting 13 artworks, Weaving defines the aims of the Vancouver Association for Noncommercial Culture and of the project for which this flyer was produced. Public art; Private property; Association for Noncommercial Culture;
TypeArtist’s publication – Postcard/Flyer/Poster
MediaPrint Media
Data Sourcehttp://e-artexte.ca/3650/
NotesCredit to e-artexte.ca Biographical notes. Flyers published in French; English; Español; Chinese.