NET-ETH: Going out of the Darkness

NET-ETH: Going out of the Darkness
ArtistsBose, Chris; Corlett, Bracken Hanuse; Delaronde, Lindsay; Dennis, Wayne; Pape, Jada-Gabrielle; Roulette, Kelly; Teichert, Patricia Lena; Stimson, Adrian; Whitehead, Jerry; Willard, Tania; Yuxweluptun, Lawrence Paul
CuratorSpahan, Rose M.; Hogue, Tarah
AuthorSpahan, Rose M.; Saddleman; Dennis; Hogue, Tarah; Evans, Lara; Pape, Maxine Thomas; Price, Marie; Muir, Justin
SummaryAn exhibition by contemporary aboriginal artists as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Final Dialogues celebrations of 2013. The exhibition took place in the MPS's studio gallery space as well as in the Concourse Gallery of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, the Skwachays Healing Lodge and the Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery from September 13 - 30. SOCIAL PRACTICE, PAINTING, VIDEO, AUDIO, CRAFT, PHOTOGRAPHY, PRINT MEDIA
MediaVideo, Audio, Community-based practice, Craft, Fibre art, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture, Social Practice
Hard Copy Location Malaspina Printmakers
Notes96 pages total.