Edition No.1

ArtistsHambleton, Rick; Cupit, Bill; Charlton, Cathy; Abbott, Julie; Holden-Lawrence, Monica; Arden, Roy; Anderson, John; Baturin, Jon; Jordan, John; Scarabelli, Joan; O'Connell, Mike; Vanderzaag, Liz; Markham, Michael; Dick Trace It, R.; Investigation Department of Eternal Art; Varney, Ed; Insell, Maria; Kowaski, Alex; Oraf; C.C.; Froealich, Olga; Ostrem, Dave; Robertson, Tom; Morozoff, Sid; Macleod, Danice; Donovan, Keith; Larson, Dave F.
CuratorHambleton, Rick
Summary40 page magazine of photography, poetry, and performance documentation by various artists and authors. INTERMEDIA, PHOTOGRAPHY, POETRY, PERFORMANCE
NotesSilver aerosol on black cover "Edition 1", no date. Inside page credits assistance from the Artists Gallery and Intermedia. Edition Magazine has a different address than Intermedia Press, though published by.