A Set of Suspicions

Publisher Artspeak
ArtistsClay, Allyson; Robert, Jocelyn; Jolliffe, Daniel; Arcan, Warren; Guhle, Shelley; Schafer, Josh; Snelgrove, Teri; Stewart, Susan; Kerbel, Janice
CuratorBrown, Lorna
AuthorBrown, Lorna; Cutler, Randy Lee; Gauthier, Denis; Ritter, Kathleen
SummaryCatalogue documenting a series of three multidisciplinary exhibitions and events by seven artists around the notions of threat, security and surveillance. Brown describes the three projects and the context of their presentation. Cutler provides an interpretation of the works based on the “lust to see without being seen” and its incarnations within current modes of technological vision. K. Ritter writes on the performative potential of Vancouver’s Downtown Ambassadors, a group devoted to hospitality and public safety. Gauthier reflects on the documentation of the everyday through surveillance, with examples taken from contemporary art practice and Web-cam Internet sites. Includes a photographic project by A. Clay. List of works. SURVEILLANCE; EVERYDAY (The)
MediaCommunity-based practice, Performance, Photography
Data Sourcee-artexte
Hard Copy Location Artexte, Artspeak
NotesBrown, Lorna and Cutler, Randy Lee and Gauthier, Denis and Ritter, Kathleen. A Set of Suspicions. Vancouver, BC: Artspeak Gallery, 2001. Exhibitions dates: “La Salle des Nœuds (pedestrian movements)”: 9 Sept. - 14 Oct. 2000 ; “Suspects (Performance for the Police)”: 21 Oct. - 25 Nov. 2000 ; “Bank Job”: 9 Dec. - 27 Jan. 2000, Artspeak Gallery (Vancouver).