Interior Motives (Part One)

ArtistsKansky, Greg; Owens, Joy; Claremont, Lee; Taylor, Sheila; Spraggett-D' Andrea, Ann; Schroeber, Susan; Charland, Marie; [...]
Author(s)Sivak, Allison; Moulder, Victoria
Year Published1996
Summary / KeywordsThis leaflet gives an overview of five exhibitions from the Alternator Gallery's 1995-96 programming, linking them to the gallery's somewhat isolated geographic context and to the city of Kelowna's ongoing transition.
Data Sourcee-artexte
NotesSivak, Allison. Interior Motives (Part One). Kelowna, BC: Alternator Gallery, 1996. Published in connection to five exhibitions presented in 1995-1996, The Alternator Gallery (Kelowna).