Queer City : The Queer Series

Publisher grunt gallery
ArtistsTaylor, Christine; Lezard, Percy; Courtney, Raven; Doss, Franklin; Arcan, Warren; Lonewalker, Denise; Mars, Tanya
CuratorCanyon, Brice; Alteen, Glenn
AuthorJones, Lizard; Pechawis, Archer; Alteen, Glenn; Canyon, Brice; Lezard, Percy; Courtney, Raven; Mars, Tanya
SummaryPresentation, in a newspaper format, of the Queer City performance art festival. Reception of the lesbian performance art of Kiss and Tell, homosexuality in the Native tradition and White reception of Native homosexuality, and performance art in Vancouver in the context of "Queer theory" are briefly commented upon.
MediaCommunity-based practice, Performance
Data Sourcee-artexte
Hard Copy Location Artexte, grunt gallery
NotesJones, Lizard and Pechawis, Archer and Alteen, Glenn and Canyon, Brice and Lezard, Percy and Courtney, Raven and Mars, Tanya. Queer City : The Queer Series. Vancouver, BC: Grunt Gallery, 1993.