AdVerse Practises

ArtistsLewis, Mark; Weaving, Jill; Gill, Don; Muirhead, Ross; Butler, Margot; Ramsden, Anne; Campbell, Kati; Brown, Lorna; Hall, Sheila
AuthorCulley, Peter (essayist); Murfitt, Warren (Prefacer); Brown, Lorna (Coordinator); Murfitt, Warren (Coordinator)
SummaryExhibition catalogue accompanying a project by the Association of Noncommercial Culture called AdVerse Practises. The project was conceived to facilitate a critical awareness of culture and the possibilities for social change. Catalogue includes brief summary of the artists' works and bios, a lecture essay by Peter Culley and documentary photography by Don Gill. Site-Specificity; Street Art; Vancouver Public Art; Advertising; Display of Commodities; Expo 86; Corporate Space; Cultural Peasanthood;
MediaArchitecture, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Public art, Site-specific art, Social Practice
Data SourceMorris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Archives
Notes1 copy on location, Box 3 Folder 7.4-1.11 Peter Culley's public lecture was held at the Western Front on June 29, 1988 at the exhibiton's closing reception. Exhibition dates: Mark Lewis - Weaving Jill = Feb 29 - Mar 21 Don Gill - Ross Muirhead = Mar 21 - Apr 11 Margot Butler = Apr 11 - May 2 Mati Campbell - Anne Ramsden = May 2 - May 23 Lorna Brown - Sheila Hall = May 23 - Jun 13