The Stereo Show : An Invitational Exhibition Dealing with the Illusion of Three Dimensionality, Including Stereographs, Anaglyphs, Vectographs, Holograms and Polarized Slides

Publisher Open Space
ArtistsBarnett, Dorothy Potter; Bedard, Linda; Bender, Rudy; Bowen, Robert; Cossette, Marie-Andree; Czitronyi, Steve; Frazee, Howard; Glendinning, Peter; Gore, Tom; Herzoff, Paul; Hitzeroth, Connie; Hlynsky, David; Holzberg, Ben Mark; Jones, Laura; Krasniewicz, Louise; Kulick, Stephen F.; Kupka, Michael; Lavery, Brian; Meares Lorran,;Mertens, Robert; Payne, Patrick J.; Petrillo, Tom; Pomeroy, Tom; Reichman, Bette Redman; Rupkalvis, John; Schwartzman, Steve; Scopick, David; Taylor, John; Tyler, Douglas E.; Wesley, John
Curator(s)Gore, Tom
Author(s)Wesley, John; Taylor, John; Schwartzman, Steven; Mertens, Robert; Meares, Lorran; Lavery, Brian; Kupka, Michael; Krasniewkz, Louise; Jones, Laura; Cossette, Marie-Andrée; Gore, Tom; Bowen, Robert;
Year Published1982
Summary / KeywordsThe curator and some of the 30 artists in exhibition discuss the history and use of stereoscopic photography and holography. Stereoscopy; Stereoscopic Photography; Holography; Stereoscopic Holography;
TypeExhibition Catalogue
Data Source
NotesCredit to 32 bibl. ref. Exhibition dates: 3 Nov. - 12 Dec. 1981, Open Space (Victoria).