one cool word Vol. 4 No. 1 (#13)

one cool word Vol. 4 No. 1 (#13)
ArtistsPietak, Betty; Atkins, Michelle; Bryan, Anthony; Clarke, Tania; Cohen, Aylon;
CuratorStefanucci, Tracy; Halloran, Jaz; Lanji, Ryan; McLean, Parker; Neale, Jen; Leighton, Mary; Krahn, Peter
AuthorPayne, Regan; Spenst, Kevin; Taylor, Rob; Thurman, Randy; VanderWoud, Nick; Bystricky, Megan; Cull, Trisha; Donnelly, Pearce; Everett, Greg; Fratila, Stefana; Hubbard, Taryn; Killen, Anna; Mathes, Taylor
Date MonthMarch
Summaryone cool word is an art and literary magazine, founded by Tracy Stefanucci and Ken Yong in 2006, that usually featured work exclusively by Vancouverites and included a CD compilation of local music. This is the Vancouver VS Toronto issue.
MediaAudio, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Multimedia, Music, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Text-based art
Hard Copy Location Vancouver Art Book Fair
NotesBands on disk (song): Company B (Crazy People); Cinderpop (A Lesson In Science); The Magician (Indicator Stop Bath); Dominic Fabrig (Synaesthesia); Analog Bell Service (I Guess); Fur Bearing Animals (Space Shuttle Worn Machine); Winnie the Shit (I Love You); Max Ulis (I Don't Like You); Ndidi Onukwulu (May Be The Last Time); The Creaking Planks (Dead Man's Pants); Roger Dean Young & the Tin Cup (Daniel); The Contemporary Lovers (Da Goutch); The Beige (Vanishing Twin); The Wind Wistles (The Fish and the Worm); Valerie Graham (Poison Sister); Olenka and the Autumn Lovers (Soldier's Waltz); Renee Layla (All I Want); Hannah Georgas (All I Need); North Atlantic Explorers (Springtime). Excerpts of issue can be found at: