one cool word Vol. 3 No. 4 (#12)

one cool word Vol. 3 No. 4 (#12)
ArtistsCheung, Duran; Denomme, Jeff; Don, Felicity; Frederick, Darcie; Grskovic, Randy; Javor, Lauren; Benjamin, Alison; Upton Crowe, Jesse; Miller, Carly; Pennell, Heather; Wagner, Ryan Walter; Moore, Colin.
CuratorStefanucci, Tracy; Henry, Amanda; Perutka, Jenn; Krahn, Peter; Leighton, Mary
AuthorHuynh, Linh; McLean, Parker; Nimeroski, Mark; Neale, Jen; Nichol, Jess Daniel;
Date MonthDecember
Summaryone cool word is an art and literary magazine, founded by Tracy Stefanucci and Ken Yong in 2006, that usually featured work exclusively by Vancouverites and included a CD compilation of local music. This is the Vancouver VS Toronto issue.
MediaAudio, Community-based practice, Creative Writing, Design, Drawing, Illustration, Multimedia, Music, Painting, Photography, Print Media, Text-based art
Hard Copy Location Vancouver Art Book Fair
NotesBands on disk (song): Lullabye Arkestra (Nation of Two); The Best Revenge (Harlot); Gregory Pepper and His Problems (Motherfucker); The Heard (Big Fat Kill); Times Neue Roman (To Die - Peter Project Remix); Fake Shark Real Zombie! (Angel Lust - Ghost Frequency Remix); Doc Pickles (Teach Your Pets To Smoke); Tour de Fours (Lights On); Forest City Lovers (Watching The Streetlights Grow); Language-Arts (Tuck It In); Idle Tigers (My Girlfriend Was Insulted By A Futurist Artist); Frasier Maclean (Shakespeare); Pants and Tie (Washing Machine); Guilty About Girls (Mtrl); The Poos (Bad Boys And Girls Club); Doom Squad (Hey La Shay La); Deep Dark United (Nun Or A Bawd); Tarran The Tailor (Beg In Please); Dark Bird (Facsimile); D. Lougheed (Watching An Old Lady Watching A Car Crash); Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil (Mermaid Mates With Mustangman); Junior Major (I Still Don't Hate You). Excerpts of issue can be found at: