Whispered Art History : Twenty Years at the Western Front

ArtistsAdrian, Robert; Anderson, Laurie; Arcan, Warren; Ascott, Roy; Atchley, Dana; Banana, Anna; Bartlett, Bill; Bartlett, Martin; Bennett, Lin; Bissett, Bill; Black, Byron; Blaser, Robin; Bluesinger, Taki; Bourgeois, Gary; Bowering, George; Boyko, Debbie; Bloomfield, Howard; Brown, Doug J.; Brute, Dr.; Brute, Lady; Bull, Hank; Burroughs, William; Bus, Trolley; Campbell, Colin; Campbell, Kati; Chitty, Elizabeth; Coleman, Victor; Craig, Kate; Cram, Paul; Davies, Kevin; Dejong, Constance; Dinner_3; Dion, Daniel; Douglas, Stan; Dragu, Margaret; Druick, Don; Ellis, Lisle; Ellison, Jane; Fawcett, Brian; Filliou, Robert; Fisher, Leonard; Fluxus; Fowler, Skai; Frisell, Bill; Gadd, Maxine; General Idea (Collective); Gilbert, Gerry; Goldberg, Michael; Goodwin, Kye; Graff, Tom; Graffiti, Andy; Greenhow, Henry; Hatoum, Mona; Hindmarch, Gladys; Hp_15; Image Bank; Itter, Carole; Kelln, David; Kiyooka, Roy; Kozinuk, Robert; Lacy, Steve; Lee, David; Lewis, Glenn; Little, Billy; Macanulty, Iain; Mccaffery, Steve; Macneil, Brice; Mcp, Art; Mascall, Jennifer; Mattes, Allan; Melnyk, Lubomyr; Metcalfe, Eric; Milne, Susi; Morris, Michael; Muntadas, Antoni; Neil, Al; Newby, Ken; Nitsch, Hermann; Oliveros, Pauline; Parent, Yvonne; Paterson, Andrew J.; Peanut, Mr.; Pickering, Ken; Plimley, Paul; Radul, Judy; Randy And Berenicci; Ready, Patrick; Reinhardt, Jeannette; Richardson, Bob; Robertson, Clive; Rose Hip, Flakey; Rosenbach, Ulrike; Sharp, Willoughby; Shaw, Nancy; Sherman, Tom; Simpson, Gregg; Smith Trio, Bill; Steele, Lisa; Storey, Alan; Tallman, Warren; Thesen, Sharon; Tomczak, Kim; Trasov, Vincent; Truax, Barry; Underhill, Owen; Vander Zaag, Elizabeth; Verjee, Zainub; Watts, Charles; Westerkamp, Hildegard; Wilson, Andrew; Wong, Paul; Wyngaarden, Cornelia; Youngblood, Gene; Zapf, Donna; [...]
Author(s)Wallace, Keith (Editor); Wallace, Keith; Knights, Karen; Wood, William; Culley, Peter; Varty, Alexander; Radul, Judy
Year Published1993
ISBN / ISSN #088978261X
Summary / KeywordsWallace introduces this account of the Western Front with a brief history, followed by an extended chronology since 1973. Five essays treat the development of different arms of the centre's activities: the history of video activity; funding, administration, and equipment; literary readings and the place of performed text; the New Music programme and its position; and performance art, through a sampling of its history at the Front. Artist-run Centres; Arts Alternative Administration; Western Front History;
MediaVideo, Community-based practice, Music, Performance, Print Media, Text-based art
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NotesCredit to e-artexte.ca Biographical notes on authors. 32 bibl. ref. Published by Vancouver based: Arsenal Pulp Press