Video Guide Vol. 1 No. 1

Video Guide Vol. 1 No. 1
ArtistsWong, Paul; Nemtin, Bill; Druick, Don;
Author(s)Harvey, Andy; Druick, Don; Gentleman, Ross; Spaner, Karen; Kaplan, Nomi; Women In Focus; Simmons, Terry; Goldberg, Michael;
Year Published1978
Month PublishedFebruary
ISBN / ISSN #02286726
Summary / Keywords"Welcome to the first issue of VIDEO GUIDE, a newspaper for and about alternative video in Vancouver. The Video Exchange Society/Video Inn is part of a growing network of people using video in a r t and social contexts. We see the GUIDE as a forum for discussion of ideas and issues central to the video community." Editor this issue: Daryl Lacey. Cover photo by P. Wong, "Earthworks in Harmony" (1974). 'Tattletape' feature announces upcoming video events here and elsewhere, with articles by A. Harvey (Clearwater, BC; "Two W. German Anti-Nuclear Tapes"), R. Gentleman ("Hardwear Notes"), M. Goldberg ("Freelancers & CBC"); an announcement of a festival planned by Women In Focus; a video script by D. Druick ("Towards Location Marking"); a review by K. Spaner ("Alice, Who Did That to Your Face?"); a letter by T. Simmons; and an interview with B. Newtin by N. Kaplan. VIDEO, FEMINISM
MediaVideo, Multimedia
Notes8 pages total, white cover page with newsprint guts. Staff this issue, other than noted 'authors': Andy Harvey, Annastasia MacDonald, Barbara Steinman, Charlie Keast, Crista Preus, Janet Miller, John Sawyer, Sharon Lovett, and Shawn Preus.